The country
The Republic of Romania is a country that has a great deal to offer. Whether you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of life in the West for a longer or a shorter period, you are bound to find peace and quiet in this country. Romania has not yet become overrun by tourists; which is actually quite strange as this country can offer everything under the sun. Unspoiled natural surroundings, forests, rivers, hills and country estates…towns that breathe an air of antiquity and nostalgia…Traditions and a rich history, which is becoming more and more mixed in with a new and scintillating energy, fed by an economy that is continually on the up-and-up.
An increasing number of foreign investors have been discovering this Eastern European country and this development resulted in more and more people choosing to come to Romania. Although we wish everyone could discover this wonderful country, it has not yet been embraced by everyone. Perhaps this illustrates the country’s charms best: undeveloped territory for the tourist industry, but an oasis as a holiday spot.

Romania examined more closely
If we look at it more closely, Romania is a country that is delightful to stay in. The natural surroundings are fantastic because of their diversity: there are mountains, perfect for hiking in summer and which, in winter, also form a lovely backdrop for an excellent skiing area. On top of that, you will find stalactite caves and springs. Did you know that one third of all European mineral water springs are located on Romanian ground? The spas in this country are also worthy of recommendation. This counts as well for the healthy air that holiday-makers happily sniff up in countless forest areas, lowland plains and hills. Rocky masses and volcanic mountain areas, like the ones you find in the Carpathians, will be sure to awaken your imagination. And then there is the Black Sea, where you can enjoy lovely beach holidays on one of the many beaches.