A second home
One of the ways to invest in this ‘country on the rise’ is to buy a luxury holiday home. Because circumstances are becoming more and more favourable, the number of people buying second homes has been increasing considerably. These houses are also let as holiday homes and have become very popular as ‘second homes’. And why not? Romania is unique in many ways as a basis for offering a holiday home or to spend your holidays yourself – in your very own home! Because the country has been catching up momentously since it has acceded to the European Union in 2007, more and more people seeking peace and quiet will be spending their holidays in Romania. With a view to the future, this is an excellent time to have a house built here. Investing in a high investment return.

Favourable economic climate
Romania is not even that far away from the Netherlands, but it is six times as large.
After the fall of communism, the country set it course towards change. A great deal of work is being done to develop a favourable climate for entrepreneurs and tourists. Of course, this will take longer than one day to realise, but the tide has been turning in the right direction for the country’s population of 22.3 million inhabitants. This country is not yet as wealthy as other European nations, but the Romanians have been very industrious in getting back on their feet. In 2007, inflation was brought down to 6%. The political situation has been stable for many years now, and the Romanian government encourages foreign investors to do business here and to establish new enterprises. Membership to the European Union has been instrumental in speeding up improvement to the country’s infrastructure. For example, the government has been busy building kilometres of motorways.