The house of your dreams

Because the price of land is still relatively low in Romania, you could have a house built here the equal of which you could only dream of in Western Europe. How about a little palace with a swimming pool, extensive gardens, a driveway and guest accommodations? Make your dreams come true on a minimum of 1500 square metres. Or if your dream is more likely to include a country estate with stables, this can also be realised on a surface area of approx. 3000 m2. Not only do these houses look fantastic from the outside, but on the inside, the term ‘palace of your dreams’ gains even more in value. With a huge American kitchen, fireplace, study, bathrooms, bedrooms with access to balconies, a built-in garage, walk-in closets...your wish is our command!
And all of this in surroundings that remind you of Tuscany, Italy.