Why HouseDM

HouseDM makes use of a unique formula which poses little risk to the buyer, because everything necessary for the construction of the house from A to Z - is taken care of by HouseDM. In this way, the company takes all concerns with respect to planning, construction and delivery off your hands. They have access to all the necessary information about regulations regarding permits etc., and maintain contacts with local experts on a broad range of areas, from local authorities to construction firms. This is something that you could hardly realise if you were to operate from your own country. Even more important is that this will also cut down costs. HouseDM manages the entire chain starting with the purchase of the land, project development, the construction company, the maintenance company and the sales office. These low costs will be immediately reflected in the cost price of your own house. HouseDM is well-acquainted with the market in Romania and has contacts with experts in all the necessary sectors. The most important factor is that HouseDM takes all the work out of your hands in realising your dream house; saving you lots of headache, time and especially - money.